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One often sees the phrase “mind-body-spirit” which designates the wholeness of the human person.  Physical ailments (body disorders or diseases) frequently cause psychological damage or dysfunction. The opposite is often true, as well.  Psychological ailments bring our spirits down, and leave us vulnerable to bodily pains.

At Anchor⚓Point we are committed to healing the whole person.  We are not a medical facility to treat disease; we are a person-centered facility which offers healing for the mind and the spirit.

Let us take as an example someone suffering with chronic pain. Sometimes, medical tests fail to validate the conditions, nor to cure the problem. Yet the people we see have real pain, and real feelings of wanting to be well. 

Clients with brain injuries are depressed about coping with day to day activities that used to be easy, but may now be slow and awkward.  Neurofeedback helps the brain build new neuronal networks to regain physical control, while psychospiritual counseling helps ease the pain of trying to cope with lost functions.

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