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One often sees the phrase “mind-body-spirit” which designates the wholeness of the human person.  Physical ailments (body disorders or diseases) frequently cause psychological damage or dysfunction. The opposite is often true, as well.  Psychological ailments bring our spirits down, and leave us vulnerable to bodily pains.

At Anchor⚓Point we are committed to healing the whole person.  We are not a medical facility to treat disease; we are a person-centered facility which offers healing for the mind and the spirit.

Let us take as an example someone suffering with chronic pain. Sometimes, medical tests fail to validate the conditions, nor to cure the problem. Yet the people we see have real pain, and real feelings of wanting to be well. 

Clients with brain injuries are depressed about coping with day to day activities that used to be easy, but may now be slow and awkward.  Neurofeedback helps the brain build new neuronal networks to regain physical control, while psychospiritual counseling helps ease the pain of trying to cope with lost functions.

Anchor⚓Point Mental Health Evaluation

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A limited number of mental health evaluations and testing are available at Anchor⚓Point to measure verbal and visual memory, fine motor control, reaction time, attention, cognitive processing speed, and a host of other evaluation instruments.

Anchor⚓Point Brain Mapping


Anchor Point - Brain Mapping


Brain mapping is a sophisticated form of neurofeedback therapy.  Many sensors are placed on the scalp to measure the power of brainwave frequencies at the scalp and to determine the regional functioning of the brain.  No dyes or contrast agents are used.

The sensors send the electrical signals at the scalp sites through an amplifier and on to an electroencephalograph (EEG).  The signals are then displayed on a monitor.  This approach is especially helpful in cases of attention disorder or concentration problems, as well as rebuilding brain cells following a trauma or brain injury.

All of these therapies are non-invasive and painless. In some cases there may be mild discomfort but most people experience these techniques as pleasurable and effective in helping them to be more in control, able to concentrate, and overall feel better.





Anchor⚓Point Neurofeedback Therapy



Neurofeedback therapy is a specialized form of biofeedback therapy.  A few sensors are placed on the scalp to measure the power of brain wave frequencies at the scalp and measure muscle activity and basal skin response.  Through practice a client becomes aware of his or her own psychophysiologic patterns and responses.  Neurofeedback teaches the brain to watch itself, and to make the changes that give a person the life he or she would want. Like learning to play tennis or the piano, the more you practice, the more dramatic than results.  A client learns to sustain these changes permanently in any environment –at work, at school, at home, or on the athletic field.

Biofeedback and neurofeedback therapies along with counseling can help children, teens and adults with:

  • Attention deficit/hyperactivity
  • Allergies
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Brain damage
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • OCD
  • Performance improvement
  • Phobias
  • Memory improvement
  • Sleep disorders
  • Stress management



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Anchor⚓Point Biofeedback

Anchor point Biofeedback


In biofeedback therapy, sensors are placed on the fingertips or ear lobes to gather information on heart rate, breath rate, and skin conductance.  This information is processed by the computer and displayed on the monitor in the form of various activities which are controlled by the clients own body signals.  A client learns how to control stress, anxiety, and emotions by observing the movement on the monitor screen.  This is especially helpful in cases of attention disorder or concentration problems, as well as rebuilding brain cells following a trauma or brain injury.


Anchor⚓Point Counseling

Anchor point Counseling


At Anchor⚓Point we do traditional talk therapy (primarily Cognitive Behavior Therapy), and we specialize in biofeedback, neurofeedback, and brain mapping.  We also provide limited mental health evalutions and testing.

Counseling can be defined in many ways.  At Anchor⚓Point we are ready to help you find your unique way.  A distinguishing feature of our expertise in counseling at Anchor⚓Point is that we are knowledgeable of psychology and human relationships, and we have the additional ability to work with people of a wide variety of faiths, denominations and spiritual paths.

You will find counselors who have actively participated in their own commitment to personal faith, and have learned to understand and enjoy a broad range of faiths and personal spiritual paths.  If you seek someone who can help you integrate your faith or spirituality into the counseling session, Anchor⚓Point counselors understand and value your journey.

An example of psychospiritual counseling would be the loss we suffer as grief.  Grief can be caused by the loss of a loved one, a family pet, a job, health –the list can be long.  A trained counselor can help a client work through the pain of the loss by allowing the client a haven for talking out and crying out the grief without criticism, as well as talking about the process of grieving.  The counselor helps the client to find the inner strength and will to overcome whatever life’s obstacles are and help the client back to a wholeness of mind and spirit.

Group Meetings

Anchor Point - Group Meeting


mandarambsAnchor Point staff are involved in the community and offer group meetings at Anchor Point for growth, enhancement and networking.  Some of these are: Mind, Body, Spirit open to everyone interested in natural and alternative health; Rockdale/Newton Mental Health Professionals Network Meeting; Reiki Healing Circles and Training.  Call us for times and topics.  All are offered at no charge.

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